Longwoods Road Conservation Area

Longwoods Road Conservation Area

April 23, 2017

Longwoods Road Conservation Area is located in Caradoc, Ontario. It is 155 acres and is owned and operated by the Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority. There are six kilometres of hiking trails which include wetland boardwalks that provide a great opportunity to view birds and wildlife. You can also take advantage of the many picnic spots or three group camp areas during your visit.

The grounds of the conservation area are also home to the recreated longhouse aboriginal village of 1000 years ago, Ska-Nah-Doht Village. It is based on data collected by archaeologists and the knowledge passed on by the First Nations people. The onsite museum displays artifacts in the resource centre along with nature exhibits. When you have finished your visit to the village and museum you can stop by the Turtle Trail Gift Shop.

During my visit to the conservation area, I explored several of the nature trails until finally reaching the wetland boardwalk area. When I got down to the marshland I spotted a mother and two baby painted turtles sunning themselves on a log. I got as close as I could without spooking them and started taking some photographs. Once they had all jumped back into the water I continued on my way pass the village and finally back to the main park area. 

Below are some photos from my visit. 

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