Green Herons – Westminster Ponds Conservation Area

Green Herons – Westminster Ponds Conservation Area

September 14, 2019

During a fall afternoon, I decided to take a short hike at Westminster Ponds Conservation Area in London, Ontario. I was hoping to see green herons since it was getting close to dusk. After parking in behind the Tourism London building, I walked towards the boardwalk that goes past the different ponds.

I checked the usual spots where I had luck spotting the green herons before but the water was all dried up. So I turned back towards the main pond keeping an eye out for movement amongst the lily pads. Just when I thought I wasn’t going to see anything, a green heron landed close to where I was standing.

As it was moving through the water looking for its next meal, I positioned myself ahead of where it was traveling. I sat quietly on the edge of the boardwalk and waited patiently as the green heron got closer. Eventually it jumped on top of this fallen log using it to look down at the water below.

The last bit of daylight was providing a gorgeous setting highlighting the colours on the green herons body. I began taking a bunch of photos when suddenly a second green heron appeared and joined the first one on the same log. I couldn’t believe my luck and was just in awe of what was taking place in front of my lens.

What an amazing opportunity it was to photograph these beautiful birds !

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