My One Year Photography Anniversary

My One Year Photography Anniversary

February 17, 2018

One year ago I took my brand new camera out for the very first time. It was a beautiful sunny winter day and I chose to visit Woodland Cemetery in London, Ontario to photograph the deer that frequently spend time in there. That day was the beginning of my career as a photographer and left a lasting impression on me as far as learning to improve my photography skills and to seek out new subjects to photograph. 

This year I decided to return to Woodland Cemetery to photograph the deer but this time I brought along my new boyfriend to share in the experience. The weather was very similar to the previous year which was perfect because shortly after entering the cemetery we spotted a large group of deer enjoying the sunshine.

After I got out of the car I slowly crept over to where a bunch of the deer were and reached for my camera. I made a couple of quick setting adjustments and took my first few photos.  Once the deer were aware of my presence they began moving around so I continued to advance in their general direction finding a new vantage point to capture some more photos. 

When I was happy that I had captured the pictures that I wanted I slowly made my way back towards the car without disrupting the deer. It was such an amazing experience to return to the spot where it all began and to share that with someone really important to me. I look forward to all the adventures this year will bring and to continue growing and learning more as a photographer. 

Please enjoy the pictures taken from my anniversary below and feel free to follow, like, comment and share. 

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