Point Pelee National Park – My second visit

Point Pelee National Park – My second visit

May 19, 2018

During my second trip to Point Pelee National Park I chose to begin my visit at the Marsh Boardwalk trail. I climbed the stairs at the lookout tower where the barn swallows were all flying about when one landed directly in front of me on one of the tension cables. It stayed there for several minutes allowing me to capture some great photos of it before it flew off. After leaving the lookout tower I walked along the boardwalk around the marsh area. It wasn’t a very warm day outside so there did not appear to be as much wildlife activity as the first time I visited. Once I made it around the trail I got back into my vehicle and headed towards the DeLaurier Homestead. 

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At the DeLaurier Homestead I took the trail which forms a loop through the forest and marsh areas where  I encountered a couple different species of warblers and a Baltimore oriole searching for food in the tree branches.  Near the end of the trail the forest opened up into a small meadow area and I came across a pair of gray catbirds before finally reaching the exit back to the parking lot. 

Since I hadn’t made it out to the tip on my first visit I decided to head back to the visitor centre where there is a shuttle which would take me out there. I didn’t have to wait long before the next one arrived and it only took a couple of minutes to reach the tip exhibit. After exiting the shuttle I followed the pathway heading towards the point where I saw red columbine flowers growing. 

I finally reached the tip area and took in the view of Lake Erie from the southern most point of Canada. It felt really surreal to stand at that spot looking out with water as far as the eye could see. After enjoying the view I walked back towards the shuttle pick up point. I wandered back through the forest area and saw several different birds as well as merganser ducks diving in the lake. Once I caught the shuttle back to the visitor centre I walked back to my car and headed home. 

My second visit to Point Pelee National Park was very memorable and I cannot wait to return here again in the future. Below are all the photos that I took during my trip.

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