Baby Canada Geese

May 13, 2018

On a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon I chose to go for a walk in Harris Park. As I walked along the riverbank I kept my eye out for any signs of wildlife. When I reached the point in the pathway just before Blackfriars bridge I came across several families of Canada Geese with their little ones. Very carefully I positioned myself at a safe distance from the babies and crouched down low to the ground so that I would not appear threatening to the parents.  I was able to observe the babies eating along side the adults and eventually they laid down right in front of me allowing me the opportunity to photograph them as they closed their eyes to go to sleep.  One of the babies even yawned which I was able to capture with my camera. 

This experience was one of the most intimate encounters I have been privileged with being apart of and I count myself incredibly blessed every time I get to witness something as special as this moment. I have included all of the photos I took from that afternoon below.  I hope you enjoy them and please feel free to comment, like and share. 

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