Even More Squirrels

Even More Squirrels

May 28, 2017

On a lovely summer afternoon I made my way over to Victoria Park to visit my favourite local residents. The squirrels seemed to be out in droves all over the park and I was able to photograph several of them up in the trees and some exploring out on the ground. 

Every time I visit with the squirrels, I absolutely love observing them and their different behaviours. I never know quite what to expect and I find myself smiling from ear to ear each time I am in their presence.  They are such a pleasure to photograph and I never tire of capturing these fascinating animals. 

One of the squirrels that I came across appeared to be nursing as you could see its nipples clearly displayed on its stomach and as I was surveying the nearby trees I saw a couple of little faces peaking out from a hole. As I pointed my camera in that direction two little squirrels made an appearance for a brief moment before taking shelter back inside the trunk of the tree. I believe that these were the offspring of the mother squirrel I had photographed earlier. 

Please enjoy my photographs below. 

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