Finally a Male Wood Duck !!

Finally a Male Wood Duck !!

February 22, 2019

Wood Ducks are one of the most stunning of all waterfowl. Particularly the males with their iridescent feathers and ornate patterns. These birds typically live in swamps where they are able to nest in holes in trees or nesting boxes if provided. One unique characteristic is their strong claws, allowing them to grip tree bark and perch on branches.

I had photographed a female wood duck and her babies but I had yet to photograph a male. One day, as I was scrolling through Instagram, I noticed a couple of local photographers had posted about a male wood duck. He had been seen in a pond in Springbank Park.

Since the park is very close to where I live, I decided to go down there. Sure enough, there he was, surrounded by mallard ducks. I noticed that he was staying very close to one of the females. It is not uncommon for wood ducks to mate with other species.

He continued to swim alongside her and if one of the other male mallards got too close, he would chase them away. This gave me an opportunity to photograph their interactions as well as him by himself.

I was completely blown away by the absolute beauty these ducks display. The brilliant colours of their feathers definitely makes them stand out in a crowd. I am so very thankful to finally photograph this amazing duck.

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