More Squirrels

More Squirrels

April 2, 2017 

I absolutely love squirrels. They are so incredibly intelligent and I always enjoy observing them.

Recently on a walk through Victoria Park in downtown London, Ontario, I brought my camera in hopes of capturing several of the resident squirrels that call the park their home. As I entered the park off of Dufferin Ave, I looked around and spotted my first squirrel. I took the path around the entire park and was able to photograph several squirrels that were on the ground and in the trees.

What I love about photographing squirrels is that they are completely unique from other animals and I never know what to expect each time I set out to take their pictures. I can’t help but smile as I watch them go about their lives and I can’t help but wonder what they are thinking as they navigate around people and the cities that they live in. 

Below are the photos I took on my recent visit. Please enjoy responsibly. 

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