Borer’s Falls Conservation Area

Borer’s Falls Conservation Area

April 8, 2017

Borer’s Falls Conservation Area is located in Dundas, Ontario. The conservation area is a forested section of the Niagara Escarpment containing informal trails and several species of plants and animals. The main attractions at this site are Borer’s Falls and the valley floor which has been carved out by the creek travelling along the face of the escarpment. 

Borer’s Falls (also known as Rock Chapel Falls) stands 17.7 metres tall. Borer’s creek falls over the edge of the escarpment flowing down throughout the valley. The many layers of bedrock that make up the escarpment can be viewed from the site of the waterfall. 

The conservation area is maintained by the Hamilton Conservation Authority and the Royal Botanical Gardens as a nature reserve. The valley also provides a link between Cootes Paradise and the Niagara Escarpment. 

During my visit to the conservation area, I saw my first white breasted nuthatch. At first I thought it was a woodpecker by the way that it was using its beck to peck at the trunk of the tree. But it was after I got a closer look that I realized it was something else. 

My hike through the valley floor was challenging but beautiful. From the forest to the escarpment, it was amazing to see the diversity of the area. As I made my way along the creek I came upon the lower falls area. It was surrounded by the unique rock face that makes up the escarpment and the forest. 

Finally as I was leaving the conservation area, I stopped to see Borer’s Falls. The viewing area provides a break in the forest which gives a clear vantage point where the falls flows over the escarpment and down into the valley.

If you have never had the chance to visit Borer’s Falls I highly recommend that you do. Keep in mind that some of the area is quite steep and hilly so be sure to wear appropriate footwear.

Below are some photographs taken on my visit to the conservation area.

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