Kilally Meadows

Kilally Meadows

April 1, 2017 

Kilally Meadows is located at the end of Windermere Road off of Adelaide Street North in London, Ontario. There are a number of trails located at this site indicated by the yellow markings on the trees. In total, there are 10.3 kilometres available for easy walking/hiking enjoyment. 

Click here to view a map of Kilally Meadows

There is a large variety of vegetation that can been observed while walking through Kilally Meadows including woodlands, swamps, marshes and meadows. This diversity of habitats and the Thames River make the area a wonderful site to view wildlife. Many species of butterflies and moths can also been seen in the meadows. 

During my hike at Kilally Meadows, I was able to observe the incredible changes in the landscape as I made my way along the trails. Although I did not witness much wildlife on my visit, I could certainly see how this area would be an excellent home and passageway for a number of birds, animals and insects.  

Below are a few photos taken from my visit to the area. 

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