Fall fun with my Lensball

Fall fun with my Lensball

October 29, 2019

Awhile back I had purchased a lensball. I hadn’t taken it out much into the field but I decided that today I would try to use it. A lensball is a photography tool that allows you to capture an upside down image inside of a sphere.

At a local park, I placed the lensball on a picnic bench and took some photos of the fall colours on the trees. I was pretty happy with the results so I had a friend hold the lensball to capture a different perspective.

After finishing at one location, I headed to another local park to try some more photos. Since there were so many fallen leaves everywhere, I put the lensball on a pile of them and took a photo.

While walking along the pathway in the park I noticed a tree stump in a clearing of the forest. I took the lensball and centered it until I was happy with the image I wanted to capture.

Overall I am impressed with the results I was able to achieve with the lensball. I will definitely be taking this tool out with me more often to get some more unique photos.

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