Raynar Gardens and Elmo W. Curtis Garden

Raynar Gardens and Elmo W. Curtis Garden

August 6, 2017

Raynar Gardens and Elmo W. Curtis Garden are located in the west end of London, Ontario on the corner of Springbank Drive and Wonderland Road.  Access to the gardens is free and parking is located next to the Civic Garden Complex at 625 Springbank Drive. 

The gardens here are diligently maintained and consist of many types of flowers that surround a reflecting pool including thousands of roses which bloom in the month of June. Visitors can explore the gardens on the many pathways spread throughout the several acres of green space.

You can also enter the gardens through Springbank Park if you are walking along the Maurice Chapman Walkway as there is a pathway that leads directly up to the garden complex. 

On this Sunday afternoon I parked my car in the public parking lot and headed up the pathway towards Raynar Gardens. I was immediately greeted by a sea of vibrant and bright colours of the Coneflowers which surrounded the outside of the arbours.  

After walking through Raynar Gardens and taking in the all the beautiful flowers I made my way towards the reflecting pool in Elmo W. Curtis Garden where I knew I would see some waterlilies. I was definitely not disappointed as I reached the edge of the pool. There were several waterlilies all in various shades of pink and stages of opening. Each one was so incredibly beautiful and delicate with soft petals and yellow centres. 

As I left the reflecting pool I walked by some of the other flower beds and noticed several Japanese beetles sitting on many of the flowers.  I was able to photograph one in particular that was on the top of a Coneflower. If you look really close at the insect you can see the little hairs on its body and legs. 

I have included all the photos below that I took during my visit. Please enjoy and feel free to comment. 

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