Photo Feature – Blue Mountain Resort – Share Your Memories Campaign

September 18, 2016

Recently I took a day trip to Blue Mountain in Collingwood, Ontario to celebrate an important milestone in my parents life. Their 40th Wedding Anniversary. I of course brought my camera since I knew that I would definitely get the opportunity to capture not only their special day but also the beauty of the Resort and Village. 

After returning home I posted several of my favourite pictures on my Instagram feed.  A day later I received a comment on one of my shared images by Blue Mountain Resort suggesting that I should upload my picture via the link in their bio on their Share Memories page and if selected it would be included in their image gallery.  I uploaded that image along with several others in the hopes that one would be picked. 

Several weeks passed by before I decided to check their page to see if any of my images had been chosen.  To my surprise, three of my pictures had been selected. I have included screenshots of the pictures currently on the website below.

I am so grateful to have my work shown in a public forum and I hope that this is the beginning of more opportunities to share my passion for taking beautiful photographs.



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